10a. Promote the equitable distribution of wealth within nations and among nations.

Photo: Deki

This concept is so simple and powerful, and is what attracted me to joining the Deki Board. I am captivated by their mission and the enthusiasm of the team to build better lives for people.

Barry Horner, CEO, Paradigm Norton Financial Planning Ltd and Deki Trustee

It’s such a simple idea – to connect individual people in this country to individuals in some of the world’s poorest countries so they can offer first-hand, direct support.

Nick Park, Deki Patron and Wallace & Gromit animator

The loan enables me to buy at a competitive rate and expand my business. It's not difficult now for me to pay for the children's school.

Bridgette, Togo

The loan enables me to buy at a competitive rate and expand my business

Vashti Seth created Deki in 2008 after being affected by the plight of Deki Dolkha – a Tibetan refugee sponsored by Vashti's father. Deki empowers small business entrepreneurs in developing countries to help themselves out of poverty by connecting them directly to individual lenders in the UK.

Many poor people living in the developing world have a vision for the growth of their business but lack the documentation and collateral to secure loans from commercial banks. Together with the ongoing support of field partners, Deki’s person-to-person loans give borrowers the chance to secure a sustainable income for themselves and their families. The hard work and determination of borrowers is reflected in a 100% rate of repayment.

Bridgette, a market trader in Lomé, Togo used her Deki microloan to buy stocks of smoked fish at competitive rates and thus expand her business.

10. Ensure that economic activities and institutions at all levels promote human development in an equitable and sustainable manner.