11b. Promote the active participation of women in all aspects of economic, political, civil, social, and cultural life as full and equal partners, decision makers, leaders, and beneficiaries.

Photo: Jill McLaughlin

We have supported EGA in various ways over the years - from literacy and career coaching to eco-clubs, media skills and fundraising. Staff always come back from working with the girls blown away by their maturity, enthusiasm and aptitudes - inspiring young women that always have as much to teach us as us them.

We were excited when we heard that girls from EGA had been invited to the White House. There was a huge response from staff, who believe in the value of supporting and encouraging the next generation of women to excel in their chosen roles and communities.

Hannah Judge-Brown, Sustainability Manager, Guardian News & Media

Girls leave us prepared for future study and with a keen
sense of their responsibility in shaping a better future for
themselves and their communities.

Jo Dibb, Headteacher, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School

You are the women who will build the world as it should be.

Michelle Obama

You are the women who will build the world as it should be

Twelve students from years 9 and 10 at Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School in London travelled to Washington at the invitation of Michelle Obama. The experience opened the students’ eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. They met women from all over America who had powerful messages to give to them. They all spoke of the importance of: hard work, resilience, giving to the community and supporting those around you, particularly women; and finally, determination.

11. Affirm gender equality and equity as prerequisites to sustainable development and ensure universal access to education, health care, and economic opportunity.