12a. Eliminate discrimination in all its forms, such as that based on race, colour, sex, sexual orientation, religion, language, and national, ethnic or social origin.

Photo: Generation 3.0

As a country we have made real progress towards ending racism, but challenges still remain so we are asking people in communities up and down the country how we can work together to end racism in a generation.

If we have the ambition and will, we can put an end to the tragedy of racism that means people have fewer life chances simply because of the colour of their skin.

Dr Rob Berkeley, Director, Runnymede Trust

We can put an end to the tragedy of racism

The Runnymede Trust is an independent race equality thinktank that generates intelligence for a multi-ethnic Britain through research, network building, leading debate and policy engagement.

Generation 3.0 is a project looking at how to end racism in one generation. As part of the project, Runnymede took over empty shops in Manchester, Birmingham and Croydon. Temporarily converted for interactive use, visitors stuck their ideas on walls, filmed their own video testimony, shared views on how to end racism, watched films and heard poetry, with hundreds also taking part in an online forum.

As well as ethnographic research and learning resources, the very processes of the project have helped people talk about issues and better understand each other.

12. Uphold the right of all, without discrimination, to a natural and social environment supportive of human dignity, bodily health, and spiritual well-being, with special attention to the rights of indigenous peoples and minorities.