13d. Institute effective and efficient access to administrative and independent judicial procedures, including remedies and redress for environmental harm and the threat of such harm.

Photo: Garth Lenz (www.garthlenz.com)

Ecocide is a crime against humanity, nature and future generations, and tar sands extraction is one of the largest ecocides in the world. I see the planet as a client in need of a good lawyer.

Polly Higgins, lawyer

The object of the Ecocide Act is not just aimed at companies it is aimed at individuals… individual responsibility is the only way there will be any change.

Michael Mansfield QC, human rights lawyer, Took & Partners

Our people endure the constant concern of contamination, loss of livelihood and diminishing water quality. And yet, our concerns and the impacts on our people, go largely unrecognized, unaccounted for and unaddressed as project after project receives approval and corporations continue to profit at the expense of our culture and way of life.

Alan Adam, chief of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation

I see the planet as a client in need of a good lawyer

In 2008, according to the UNEP Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity Report, 3000 corporations caused $2.2 trillion dollars of biodiversity ecocide. So a new law of Ecocide has been proposed that would stem the flow of destruction at source and create a pre-emptive duty on corporations to prohibit the mass damage and destruction to ecosystems.

The crime of Ecocide would place CEO's, heads of state and heads of financial institutions at risk of being prosecuted where they are responsible for taking decisions that lead to, support or finance mass damage and destruction of ecosystems.

In September 2011 a mock trial was staged at the UK's Supreme Court with real lawyers, judges and a public jury. They found the CEOs of fictional fossil fuel companies guilty as a result of their company's extraction of oil from tar sands in Canada.

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13. Strengthen democratic institutions at all levels, and provide transparency and accountability in governance, inclusive participation in decision making, and access to justice.