14a. Provide all, especially children and youth, with educational opportunities that empower them to contribute actively to sustainable development.

Photo: Antony Turner

Today’s young people will be key in the future to understanding and spreading the message about using water wisely.

Roger Harrington, Managing Director, Sembcorp Bournemouth Water

At Avonbourne we have one goal - to encourage young people to realise their part in building a sustainable future.

The Earth Charter permeates the school’s ethos, and the students demonstrate this on a constant basis seen, for example when they ask their teachers to engage in projects which correspond to the Earth Charter principles.

Debbie Godfrey-Phaure, Executive Headteacher at Avonbourne School

Encourage young people to realise their part in building a sustainable future

Avonbourne International Business and Enterprise College is a secondary school in Bournemouth that has adopted the Earth Charter principles in the school curriculum and in its leadership and management.

Pupils were invited to go behind-the-scenes at Sembcorp Bournemouth Water’s Alderney site as
part of their work and enterprise studies. They were asked by the company how they would respond to a critical challenge for the business and society - to encourage customers to use water wisely.

Pupils from Avonbourne and associate school Portchester subsequently took a leading role in the Fairtrade Futures Reception at the Green House Hotel in Bournemouth where they quizzed representatives from thirty local businesses and challenged them to follow the principles of the Earth Charter in their corporate activities.

14. Integrate into formal education and life-long learning the knowledge, values, and skills needed for a sustainable way of life.