14b. Promote the contribution of the arts and humanities as well as the sciences in sustainability education.

Photo: wecommunic8

We can't simply manage our way out of today's environmental crisis: we have to respond as much with our hearts and our souls as with our powers of reason.

Earth from the Air is an extraordinary initiative that does that, in that it challenges each and every person who comes into contact with it.

Sir Jonathon Porritt, Co-Founder, Forum for the Future and Co-Director of The Prince of Wales's Business and Sustainability Programme

I have always believed in the power of a great image to educate and enthuse people. By exhibiting our street galleries for free we can reach everyone – and often people make repeat visits with family or friends.

Best of all is overhearing people’s reactions and seeing them take their own pictures to share with others.

Chris Bridge, Founder & Director, wecommunic8

We have to respond as much with our hearts and our souls as with our powers of reason

Chris Bridge launched wecommunic8 in 2002 and initiated the concept of large scale, open air, free-to-the-public exhibitions. He created the Earth from the Air exhibition that was sited on the front lawn at the Natural History Museum in London - the first time this had ever been done.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand became a photographer while studying the every day life of a pride of lions in Kenya. He understood that he had to tell the facts through images rather than words. He also discovered the beauty of the world seen from above when he became a hot air balloon pilot and began experimenting with aerial photography.

Following the success of Earth from the Air, wecommunic8 has gone on to create other street galleries, including Britain from the Air and Tarnished Earth. Educational resources for teachers have also been created, introducing the principles of sustainable development and offering guidance on how to embed these into the heart of school life.

14. Integrate into formal education and life-long learning the knowledge, values, and skills needed for a sustainable way of life.