15b. Protect wild animals from methods of hunting, trapping, and fishing that cause extreme, prolonged, or avoidable suffering.

Photo: Shivani Bhalla/Ewaso Lions

Ewaso Lions secures the future of lions by working with the Samburu people on reducing livestock loss to predators and changing attitudes towards conservation. By finding ways to coexist with lions, the Samburu communities now benefit from lion presence through tourism and preserve an important part of their natural heritage for the future.

Shivani Bhalla, Founder of Ewaso Lions Project

If we lose our livestock to predators, we will not kill lions now because then we will lose two important animals. We are proud of our wildlife – let us all be messengers of conservation.

Yesalai Lemachokoti, Assistant Community Officer, Ewaso Lions Project

We are proud of our wildlife – let us all be messengers of conservation

The Ewaso Nyiro ecosystem of northern Kenya provides lions with a critical habitat and is one of the few areas in Africa where this species exists outside protected areas. But there is regular conflict with pastoralists when lions attack livestock, and herders retaliate by fatally shooting, spearing, or poisoning them.

The Ewaso Lions Project, founded in 2007 by Oxford PhD student and Kenyan national, Shivani Bhalla, promotes coexistence between people and large carnivores in this area and has established several community outreach and education programmes. These engage local people in conservation, provide training, and find creative and sustainable solutions to human-wildlife conflict.

The Samburu warrior age class traditionally protect their community’s livestock from predators and theft. The project’s Warrior Watch programme takes on these young men and trains them to collect information on predators and respond to community issues like livestock depredation in ways that protect lions, livestock and people, thus enhancing their respected role in the community. By aligning project goals with traditional cultural practices, Ewaso Lions helps ensure that the conservation of lions becomes community owned and driven.

15. Treat all living beings with respect and consideration.