15c. Avoid or eliminate to the full extent possible the taking or destruction of non-targeted species.

When I started working in restaurants 15 years ago I became deeply disillusioned with the lack of sustainability. I quickly decided there was a market for a restaurant that was thinking about its impact on the environment as well as serving fantastic food and drink.

Food is my love – but food at any cost? Not on your life!

Geetie Singh MBE, Managing Director, The Duke of Cambridge Organic Pub

Food is my love – but food at any cost? Not on your life!

The Duke of Cambridge in Islington, London is the UK’s only certified organic pub. Everything sold is organic and if something isn't in season, you won't find it on the menu. Suppliers are small local independent farmers, growers and producers.

The restaurant is the first in the UK to have their fish buying policy approved by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) and they serve sustainable, local Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified fish whenever possible.

15. Treat all living beings with respect and consideration.