16b. Implement comprehensive strategies to prevent violent conflict and use collaborative problem solving to manage and resolve environmental conflicts and other disputes.

The light dramatically caught between the severed hand of the Pastor and the outstretched hand of the Imam, is the same spark of inspiration that I search for in my everyday life.

What transforms sworn enemies into brothers who finish each other’s sentences? What transforms a story of intercultural hatred and murder into a story of love and reconciliation?

Simon Cohen, Managing Director, global tolerance

The same spark of inspiration that I search for in my everyday life

In the 1990s, Imam Muhammed Ashafa and Pastor James Wuye were leaders of militant groups involved in bitter conflict in Kaduna, northern Nigeria. In an extraordinary tale of love and forgiveness, the two men made peace. In 2006, ‘The Imam and the Pastor’ a film about the two men’s lives was released. global tolerance, an international communications agency that only works with people committed to positive social change was invited to organise the film premiere, and coordinate a publicity campaign in the UK.

The award winning photo, coordinated by global tolerance, captures the spark of reconciliation and love at the heart of the Imam and the Pastor's story. This introduced the real story of how personal transformation and embracing the spark of our shared humanity can revive faith as a powerful force for positive change. And it helped spark media coverage.

16. Promote a culture of tolerance, nonviolence, and peace.