16c. Demilitarise national security systems to the level of a non-provocative defence posture, and convert military resources to peaceful purposes, including ecological restoration.

Photo: Smudge Smith

Photo: Scottish Government

Land ownership is key to building independent,
resilient rural communities and creating a sense
of confidence and community empowerment.

Stewart Stevenson, Stewart Stevenson MSP, Minister for Environment & Climate Change

We have one of the longest runways in Europe at 3,000 Metres and over 200 buildings.

Ian Wardrop, Chairman, Machrihanish Airbase Community Company

We have one of the longest runways in Europe

The former RAF Machrihanish air base on the Kintyre peninsula was a strategically important site during the Cold War. It has housed one of only three US Navy Special Warfare teams in the world, an American Seal commando unit and Royal Marines. Now it includes a wind turbine manufacturing facility, Campbeltown airport and 137 former MoD houses and commercial properties.

It was purchased by the community in 2012 following the support of more than 97% of local people in a postal ballot. The Scottish Government and Highlands and Islands Enterprise will continue to work with Machrihanish Airbase Community Company to ensure economic development is achieved.

16. Promote a culture of tolerance, nonviolence, and peace.