3b. Promote social and economic justice, enabling all to achieve a secure and meaningful livelihood that is ecologically responsible.

I applied for over 100 jobs and got no interviews.

Then Bristol Together offered me a job and I haven’t looked back since.

Jimmy, ex offender

We help people leave their criminal past behind them, and develop their skills and employability.

At the same time we are bringing empty property back into use.

Paul Harrod, Founder and CEO, Bristol Together

One of the most innovative and exciting projects we have supported.

Lydia Westmore, Corporate Finance Manager, Triodos Bank

One of the most innovative and exciting projects we have supported

Bristol Together takes run-down and derelict properties and, working in partnership with social enterprises Aspire and the Restore Trust, employs ex-offenders to repair and refurbish the empty properties.

Once the houses are fit to be homes again, they’re sold with profits reinvested in more properties for renovation. The result is a virtuous circle with further employment opportunities and more properties brought back into use.

Triodos is a global pioneer of sustainable banking with a mission to make money work for positive social, environmental and cultural change. The bank’s corporate finance team acted as lead advisors to Bristol Together for the initial fundraising through an innovative bond issue.

3. Build democratic societies that are just, participatory, sustainable, and peaceful.