5a. Adopt at all levels sustainable development plans and regulations that make environmental conservation and rehabilitation integral to all development initiatives.

I believe our green wall has paid for itself handsomely not just in terms of the additional PR and marketing cover that the Hotel has gained but also as a general talking and focal point for all our guests. Furthermore I genuinely believe that London, particularly Piccadilly is a better place for it.

Every time I come into the Hotel, I find myself stopping and taking a second to pause and see what is going on or what has changed. It is difficult to describe but it just makes you a little bit happier knowing it is there.

Chris Andrews, Director, Ralph Trustees – owners of the Athenaeum Hotel

It is difficult to describe but it just makes you a little bit happier knowing it is there

The Athenaeum is a family-owned luxury 5 star hotel in Mayfair, London with a big personality. An aim, during a recent refurbishment, was to replace the 1970’s metal windows and double glazing and make the outside of the hotel more appealing. After returning from a weekend in Paris a Director announced that, given the location on Piccadilly overlooking the Royal Parks, he had decided that The Athenaeum should have the most prominent Living Wall in London.

Normally the cost of such a venture would have been prohibitive and certainly not justifiable on any normal commercial basis: but having already committed to the expense of scaffolding and associated labour, the marginal costs of creating a 10 storey green wall was actually quite small.

5. Protect and restore the integrity of Earth's ecological systems, with special concern for biological diversity and the natural processes that sustain life.