5b. Establish and safeguard viable nature and biosphere reserves, including wild lands and marine areas, to protect Earth's life support systems, maintain biodiversity, and preserve our natural heritage.

Every decision we make is a change somewhere. Naturally we don’t control the changes from those decisions as we don’t understand the full impact. If we did then the decision should be with the least impact on the environment and communities.

Marc Vernaeve, WDS Global Environmental Management Champion

This project is a great example of people actively engaging in improving the local environment. It enables staff from local companies to collaborate with students from the local university and local residents to take more interest, responsibility and involvement in their community, in a fun and healthy way.

Gwyn Jones, local resident and Director of the Association of Sustainability Practitioners

Every decision we make is a change somewhere

Wireless Data Services (WDS) uses customer intelligence and technical innovation to provide services on behalf of many of the world's wireless brands, helping millions of end users to "enjoy a connected life".

The company, based in Dorset, invited Bournemouth University students to create proposals as part of a sustainability strategy. Adjacent to one of the company's offices is the Bourne Valley Local Nature Reserve, which forms the largest stretch of continuous linear open space in the Poole and Bournemouth conurbation. With the aims of better understanding local ecology, building closer relationships between businesses and communities, and developing collaborative ways to reduce environmental impacts, the students developed the concept of 'sustainability knots'.

Linking local partners and communities, and reflecting both the company's wider Sustainable Community Action Teams initiative and the core business of enabling a connected life, the project is helping people engage with their environment and feel a sense of connection and responsibility.

5. Protect and restore the integrity of Earth's ecological systems, with special concern for biological diversity and the natural processes that sustain life.