Pictures of Success is an innovative sustainability engagement process with a track-record of inspiring and educating people in businesses, the local community and schools. It was originally created through our work with companies as part of a project to engage people in the Millennium Development Goals by using the Earth Charter – a declaration of fundamental ethical principles for building a just, sustainable and peaceful global society.

Using real picture-based stories and changing the language from ‘sustainability’ to ‘success’ has enabled positive outreach to a much broader audience. Our original project led to the creation of a high quality boxed set of 80 laminated A5 cards that are suitable for a variety of uses including:

• conference or workshop warm-up
• workshop facilitation
• corporate training
• community engagement

Amazing, it opened my eyes!
Peter Matthews, General Manager, Castlepoint

Striking images with strong stories behind them.
Anna Laycock, Communications Manager, Ecology Building Society

The richness of Pictures of Success and the intensity of the global conversation they inspire provides schools with hundreds of hours of resources.
Debbie Godfrey-Phaure, Executive Headteacher, Avonbourne and Harewood Colleges

Download Pictures of Success in a box – general information

Pictures of Success for schools

Pictures of Success has been hailed by primary and secondary schools as a fresh new resource that is useful both within and outside the mainstream curriculum. A growing network of pioneering schools are using Pictures of Success in the UK and overseas.

Download Pictures of Success for schools

Pictures of Success for companies

Pictures of Success has been developed directly from our work with companies since 2009. It has enabled us to offer new and unique opportunities for businesses and other organisations. These range from improving the effectiveness of boards - by facilitating the integration of deeper and previously unspoken values into decision-making, through to engaging a whole workforce in improving corporate sustainability.

Download Pictures of Success for companies

Pictures of Success for communities

A Pictures of Success project offers a new way to make progress towards more sustainable communities. By highlighting local successes and using a visual, project-based and public-facing approach, good news is shared, connections are made and new actions are inspired.

Download Pictures of Success for communities

Download Yorkshire & Humberside Pictures of Success

Pictures of Success training for trainers

Workshops and training sessions are now available for teachers, trainers, sustainability practitioners and others including in-house sessions for companies. Introductory sessions, half-day and one-day training programmes can be customised to help you make full use of this resource.

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The Earth Charter

The Earth Charter is a philosophy for success. It charts a way forward for the human race, for business and towards a more sustainable way of life.

Peter Head OBE, Director, Arup

The Earth Charter was launched in The Hague in 2000 after a worldwide, cross-cultural conversation about common goals and shared values. It has been used as a guiding framework by governments and civil society organisations around the world. More recently, it has started to become better known amongst companies and other organisations in the UK.

The Earth Charter seeks to inspire in all people a new sense of shared responsibility for the well-being of the human family, the greater community of life and future generations.

Further information:

Earth Charter UK
International site of the Earth Charter Initiative

Download The Earth Charter

Download Diagram of the Earth Charter Principles

The Earth Charter in Business Project

Pictures of Success forms part of a project to enable companies and individuals to increase their ability to respond to development issues by accessing and making use of Earth Charter frameworks, tools and processes.

The project also involves helping companies to use the Earth Charter to recognise their influence on interconnected global issues and inform their responses.

Earth Charter in Business Project

Choosing Pictures of Success

While aiming to be completely open about our choices, they were inevitably personal rather than definitive. Some companies have a history of social and environmental engagement and their inclusion provides a route to learning for others. Others - often early stage enterprises - provide fresh thinking and a new approach.

Some companies fail to achieve compliance with existing laws on, for example, pollution or corruption; some have chosen greenwash or regressive lobbying; others persist with core activities such as arms manufacture or GM foods that are at odds with the Earth Charter. We have tried to avoid those.

Many companies have made only limited or faltering attempts to acknowledge wider responsibilities. In inviting their inclusion we were not condoning partial or superficial engagement. Instead, we hoped to encourage them to build on small beginnings and to truly and actively engage with the complex and wide-ranging journey towards a more sustainable way of living on the planet.

Peter Martin & Antony Turner, CarbonSense Foundation


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